The world is crashing down around him, but in the midst of chaos, he’s gifted with something like an angel.

 God, how could I ever be ashamed of you, he recalls himself saying.

 “Kurt?” Blaine asks.

The crowd stands and cheers loudly when the halftime show ends. Everyone is screaming around him but Blaine remains immobile with him on hard, cold bleachers.

Kurt reaches out his hand. “Stand with me.”

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“I don’t need hand-holding in the hallway to know that I’m with you,” Blaine whispers into his ear.

“But I want to hold your hand.”

“So hold my hand when you’re ready.”

“I won’t ignore you anymore.”

“So don’t ignore me.”

“I want to give you everything.”

“Give me everything when you’re ready to give me everything. For now, it’s enough to know that you’re with me.”

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and now we wait for 17 and—


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