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Will’s face when Kurt sang Finn’s part in Don’t Stop Believin’

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New scene showed in NBC’s Today Show (x)
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klaine-run-the-world said: Hi Gi, could you please tell us glee if glee is really doing a gay bashing storyline in 5x15? because that's what a lot of people are speculating right now. Please, we are kinda worried here. Thanks.


I’m getting lots of asks about this episode, so I will answer this open so everyone can see it! I started college this year and this is keeping me very busy, so I decided that will be best for my personal life to be done with spoilers for now, since it takes a lot of time for me! I know that 99% of the questions that you guys have and send to me are about klaine and naya/hemo being in the episode. Klainers, when I can, you will probably hear from gleekto! Naya/Hemo: when I know, I will say it! Tina fans: same as naya/hemo!

This is the last one: about this particulary episode, I know the infos I got before I stopped looking for, and for what I know, the bashing will be with a “random person” (aka not the characters that we know, I think its a guy, dont know if its a gay guy but probably since its glee), but will envolve the ones that we know (example: they will see it, get emotional, etc).
Important: this is from some scenes that I know, I don’t know the whole storyline.

Thats it guys! :)

klaine + #kurtmatters

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kurt as elsa from frozen ✿

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ krikor jabotian s/s 2012

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Where There’s Smoke

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klaine + relationship status

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