Blaine cleared his throat. “I didn’t get to do this right the first time,” he said to the audience, and dropped to one knee.

Oh my god, Blaine…” Kurt said softly though his muffled hand, not trusting himself to remove it.

“Kurt Hummel,” Blaine said, looking up into Kurt’s unbelieving face, speaking loud enough for all to hear. “You are everything.” He paused. “Everything.” He opened the box. “Please. Be everything with me?”

Blaine had taken the ring from the box, excitedly pushing the ring onto Kurt’s finger. He pulled out another ring from the box. “If you wanted…” Blaine said just to him.

“I do.” Kurt laughed at the words. “I mean I want to say something.” He fell to one knee and took Blaine’s hand. “Blaine Anderson,” he said clearly—quite a task, now that his voice had become rather hoarse with emotion. “I desperately love you. I’m only sorry it took me so long to see that…” he shrugged, trying to keep from crying, “that was all that mattered.” 

The crowds cheered again as Kurt pushed the other ring onto Blaine’s hand, and they hugged again, longer this time, just holding each other.

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holy christ i’m reading this farmer!blaine-esque fic where he lives in vermont and makes like syrup and stuff and kurt stays with him for a week and wOW OKAY REALLY AWESOME FOODPLAY STUFF GOIN DOWN.

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"We’re going to be like an old, married couple, I can see it now."

"Hey, some day, right?" Blaine smiled, moving to face his boyfriend. It felt good to refer to Kurt as his boyfriend again.

"Some day what?"

"Some day we’ll be an old, married couple."

"Seriously?" Kurt asked and Blaine gave him a nod. "You think we can make it?"

Blaine grinned and pressed a light kiss to Kurt’s swollen, red lips. “I think we’re strong, we love each other and we’ve already been through enough crap to last us a life time, yet we still came out winning. I think we can do anything.”

 ”We have to be the cheesiest couple on the planet.”

"I prefer the 'cutest',” Blaine told him.

"Okay, fine. The cutest, then," Kurt corrected himself. "We should go to sleep," he said, letting Blaine’s wrist go. Blaine’s hands slipped back around him and Kurt pressed the palms of his own hands to Blaine’s bare chest.

"Okay," Blaine nodded and then he was moving closer and then pushing himself over Kurt’s body. "I have three things to tell you first."

"Mm, alright," Kurt smiled up at Blaine, his eyes wild and bright in the pale light.

"Number one," Blaine said. "I love you."

And he pulled Kurt’s hand up and pressed a warm kiss to his knuckles.

"Number two," Blaine said, letting Kurt’s hand go. "I love you."

And he lowered his mouth and pressed the tiniest, butterfly kiss to Kurt’s lips.

Kurt smiled. “And number three,” Blaine uttered, finally. “I love you.

i just…really really loved that fic (srsly, if you follow me and you don’t know that, you haven’t been paying attention to my posts) i’ve been raving about it for ages and i’ve gotten so many of my friends to read it and just sigh,

it really was one of the best fics i have ever read. 

and jamie, i sincerely hope you’re planning something more with it, whether it be timestamps or a sequel (please please god say you’re thinking of a sequel) because i’m not ready to let these boys go yet.

but yeah


you were just perfect


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“Oh, Blaine. I’ve missed you.”

A happy sigh escaped Blaine’s slightly opened, kiss-plump lips. He leaned forward to rest his forehead on Kurt’s shoulder, his hands rising from Kurt’s thighs to wrap around his back below his own raised arms.

“I never stopped loving you,” whispered Kurt breathlessly.

sigh, the newest update of the MBF sequel just like, made my day

i’ve been waiting for this chapter since the damn sequel began so god bless

(link in the source because i actually know a lot of people who didn’t even know the sequel existed. so yeah)

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"I heard ‘princess’," Blaine explained. "When Sebastian said betrothed. Because that’s all I’d ever been told. Been taught. The Prince finds his Princess. They live happily ever after"

"That’s the fairytale," Kurt said with a faint, hollow tone.

"I thought that was what I wanted," he went on. "I didn’t know I was allowed to want something else."

"I’m not your Prince, Kurt," Blaine whispered. "You’re mine."

Kurt gasped softly, hands tightening around fistfuls of fabric. “But you-” he uttered. “You have to - you need to find-“

"It’s you," Blaine said. "It was always you."

"You have everything you need," Kurt inclined his head, smiling softly, "to be king. Heirship. Sword. Betrothed."

He only nodded for a moment before he froze, eyes widening, face falling open in beautiful, innocent shock. “You-“

"I got interrupted, before." Kurt said breathily, eyes falling to Blaine’s mouth for a brief moment before he looked back up.

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“I don’t need hand-holding in the hallway to know that I’m with you,” Blaine whispers into his ear.

“But I want to hold your hand.”

“So hold my hand when you’re ready.”

“I won’t ignore you anymore.”

“So don’t ignore me.”

“I want to give you everything.”

“Give me everything when you’re ready to give me everything. For now, it’s enough to know that you’re with me.”

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okay sigh when tf did it become 4:40am.

i’ve been reading a vampire!blaine fic and it’s really good so far and thank god it’s complete because now i can just finish it tomorrow without having to wait for an update, god bless.

but okay yeah, i’m gonna sleep now.

i don’t have class tomorrow so i’ll be on…whenever i wake up.

but okay yes, bed. good night♥

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“You’re a good person, Kurt.”

Kurt lowers his head shyly in response.

“So’s your boyfriend.”

At that, Kurt’s head shoots up and his eyebrows lift in surprise.

“The first time I ever met the guy, I shoved him into a fence,” David remembers. “I shoved him into a fence and he’s letting me dance with you on Valentine’s Day.”

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no but

You won’t even notice that I’m gone. (Please notice I’m gone.


My neck is a wreck. (So is my brain.)


I’m pretty sure that if I sleep on the couch tonight I might not actually be able to get up in the morning.” (I feel like I’m losing it and I can’t break in front of you.)

and then, the nail in the fucking coffin

 Kurt is solid underneath him, around him, holding him the way he has since they were 17, and the knot in Blaine’s stomach loosens as his eyes close. 

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i’m sorry but there’s never enough b!p fic in the world.

whenever a new one starts, a kitten is born.

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