Is there anyone going to the nyc signing or the jersey signing that could maybe get me a book? I can paypal you the money for it and I’ll give you my address and whatnot to send it to me? 

I have a friend who might be able to get me a book, but she’s not sure so I figured I’d ask here (It doesn’t even need to be the NJ/NY ones, I just figured that’d be easier with shipping and all that)


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in a scale from ontd-glee to how much do you love darren criss



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"They will definitely end up together in the end somehow. I think they’re very, very young to be engaged, but I definitely see them being together in the end for sure. You know, the fans get really, really upset when they go through drama but that’s what Darren and I live for. We’re actors, we love the drama, we love getting in there and experiencing a wide variety of emotions with these characters! And I’m very happy, because I think they were very much kind of like this paradise couple for a long time, so I’m happy that they’re experiencing these ups and downs. I think it really makes them an authentic relationship, and not just a fantasy."

— How do you feel now about Kurt and Blaine. Do you feel that they’re endgame? (x)
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'I don't hit the Emmy Red Carpet without' from People magazine, sept. 17th issue

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has anyone pointed out yet that


are the same outfits?

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so you’re telling me dis bitch

meanwhile it’s 12pm, i’m 20 years old, and i’m eating captain crunch.

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Your faaaaace

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it’s like my dash is determined to give me chris feels

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sigh i feel like a horrible fan for asking


i’m also a poor fan


is there anywhere online i can dl the audiobook of tlos?

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do you have that one celebrity that you admire and their existence has made a change in your life and if anyone ever bad mouths them you turn into a savage beast

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