short drabble based off my own post that i wrote here (aka, blaine finding out about kurt’s cwm daydream)

Blaine was just walking to his last class of the day when his phone starts vibrating in his pocket. Confused, he takes it out and sees ‘Santana L’ lit up on the screen. He knew she lived in New York now with Rachel and Kurt, and alarm bells went off in his head. What if something had happened to Kurt? What if he got hit by a taxi or the apartment burned down or he tripped in front of a subway train?

He hastily slid his finger over the screen and jammed the phone to his ear, “Santana? What’s wrong, what—” "Calm down, hobbit." Blaine furrowed his brow at that, noticing how…calm she sounded. Bored almost. “Santana, why are you calling me?” He tried again, looking around as people started filing into classrooms.

"Listen, we’re here at the apartment because we got snowed in along with Hummel’s new foreign exchange buddy and we were watching Moulin Rouge. Now, I know this isn’t exactly something to call home about, but I thought you’d be interested in knowing just how teary eyed our precious Porcelain got during a certain musical number."

Blaine froze when he heard that. She couldn’t know…could she? But then he remembered how he and Kurt always spoke about it. How they didn’t exactly make it a secret that they always dreamed of singing it to each other on their wedding day… "What are you getting at, Santana?" 

"What I’m getting at is that I don’t get how you can still be so passive about everything after bumping uglies at Schue’s wedding." Blaine blanched, looking around as if people could hear what was being said on the other end of the line. “Santana, I—”

"Blaine," she sounded different then, her tone getting softer, "We both know Kurt still loves you. Hell, Kurt knows he still loves you. He’s just afraid of it because admitting it means giving you the chance to hurt him again." “I wouldn’t—” "You need to prove that to him. You need to stop sitting on your ass and actually show him that you’re not going anywhere, that you love him too much to just continue on standing on the sidelines like you have for the past five goddamned months."

Blaine was quiet for a long while after that, long enough for Santana to call out his name again. Finally though, he looked up, determination playing across his face, “Santana, is it still snowing over there?” 


Kurt was just getting ready to make himself something to each for dinner since he was home alone when there was a loud knock on the door. Sighing, he slammed the refrigerator door closed and went over, reaching out to yank the door open, “Yes—Blaine!” Kurt gasped loudly, his eyes growing comically wide as Blaine stood in his doorway, bundled up in a thick, wool coat and his gloved-hands at his sides, closed into fists, and no bags in sight, looking like he literally just ran off a plane. "Blaine, what’re you—"  "Kurt, I’m done. I’m done being passive and waiting around for you to come around. I love you. And I know you love me. You know you love me, you said so yourself at Thanksgiving. And again at Christmas, and when we were together last week, and even on the phone just two nights ago. Hell, I’m sure even your pseudo-whatever-boyfriend knows it. So I’m done sitting around.” 

Kurt swallowed thickly as he stared at him, his hand still on the door, trembling slightly as he stayed quiet. Blaine huffed out a breath and shrugged as he looked up at him determinedly, “So. This is me. Fighting for you. Fighting for us, because one of us has to do it.” And with that he unclenched his fists and took a step back, turning around to leave.

"Wait!" Kurt called out, reaching out to wrap his fingers around his wrist and tug him to a standstill. Blaine froze and then half turned back to face him, looking up at him in a mix of hesitance and hopefulness. Kurt licked across his lips as he stared at him, still holding his wrist, and he looked like he was debating something before he leaned over and kissed Blaine softly, "I love you. Everyone knows I love you. I just…" Blaine swallowed hard past the lump in his throat and nodded, "I know. But I’m still not giving up. I never will."  Kurt nodded then, sniffling softly, "Good. I-I…I don’t want you to." 

Kurt let out a breath and squeezed around Blaine’s wrist gently before letting go and stepping back, “I uh, I was just about to make some dinner for myself. Would to join me?” Blaine bit down on his lip for a second, eyes searching Kurt’s before he nodded and took a step closer, “Okay.” 

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