whenever i want an overdose of schmoop, i read puppy/kitty fics.

'Kurt, I wanna snuggle,' Blaine whined, interrupting the attention Kurt was getting from Carole.

"Aww, do you want a pat too?" Carole smiled, crouching in front of the basket and scratching Blaine’s back.

Kurt yowled with frustration and pushed himself under Mistress’ hand, away from Blaine’s curly fur.

'You're so insatiably jealous,' Blaine muttered, snuffling at Kurt's fur and biting his leg lightly to pull Kurt close.

'She just likes me better,' Kurt said, purring happily as he curled up under Blaine's front leg.

'I like you better than both of them combined,' Blaine nuzzled. Kurt purred louder and Blaine smiled lazily.

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